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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.

Regain your freedom with the #1 emergency bracelet in Canada!

Independence for seniors with an emergency bracelet.

To describe what the Numera Libris, a medical alert bracelet from Nortek, the leading provider of personal emergency response systems in the U.S. represents, let’s take a step back to consider the impact of this device on the world of protection.

We are now in an incredible era wherein assistive technologies help to preserve the autonomy of at-risk members of our society. With a panic button, (which sends a signal to family members or a central monitoring station when something happens to the user), many people have already found safety in their homes. But what if active seniors want to go outside their homes? 

Fortunately, engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of home and personal safety. With the “Numera Libris” portable emergency button, we are looking at a world where the elderly can continue to live without fear and enjoy some level of independence.

Indeed, if you are among those suffering from the following: 

  • Heart problems;
  • Obesity; 
  • Diabetes;
  • Arthritis;
  • Psychological problems;
  • Difficulty moving around due to your age or physical condition;
  • Side effects from medications;
  • Balance, and other issues as a result of medical treatment or surgery;

The Numera Libris medical alert bracelet will assure your safety and access to emergency services at all times.

Are you pregnant? The Numera Libris bracelet can also be very useful for you. There are two options if you purchase this product: the Numera Libris and the Numera Libris + (which uses EverThere to manage your health information). 

The Libris+ connects to a scale, a blood pressure monitor, and a pulse oximeter (an oximeter that measures pulse rate and oxygen saturation in the blood). This Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) connects to a 3G network and geolocation to easily find an individual within a 10 meter radius within cellular range.

No matter where you are, near or far from your home, this device will provide assistance day and night by combining:

  • Advanced fall detection technology,
  • The recording of information related to your health (to improve medical monitoring),
  • Two-way communication with the emergency bracelet,
  • And geo-location.

The portable alarm button “Numera Libris” will transform your perception of danger. Get access 24/7 to well-trained agents in emergency situations day or night. Inform your family and friends about your condition by sharing your location and condition. Find out how this works with more details below.

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Save now on your portable panic button!

Save now on your portable panic button!

Keep your independence in 2024 with a portable emergency bracelet

To understand the important benefits offered by the “Numera Libris” wireless panic button, we also need to know the risks we face. Let’s take a look at the statistics related to falls among the elderly.


Data regarding falls of seniors.

1/3 of adults over the age of 65 experience a fall every year in North America.

14.8 million seniors (over 65) fall every year.

20% – 30% of seniors who fall will suffer moderate to serious injuries.

Isn’t that scary? If you are caring for a person with reduced mobility or an elderly person who has difficulty getting around, there are multiple solutions ranging from a companion to an electric wheelchair. 

However, a panic button is essential for most people, offering the convenience of a lightweight device that is discreet, easy to operate, and very reliable.

There are many models of emergency bracelets on the market: from a basic one linked to a console that mechanically dials a list of pre-registered numbers upon activation, to the more sophisticated system that performs multiple tasks simultaneously with additional functions.

Nortek’s Numera Libris is a multi-tasking tool that aims to bring all new technologies together to protect and assist people who need personal security.

Top features of the emergency button fall detector Numera Libris

The many benefits offered by the Numera Libris emergency bracelet.

The Numera Libris medical alert bracelet features the most sophisticated fall detection technology in the industry.

Its system consists of multiple accelerometers to separate actual from false falls (and thus avoid false alarms that can occur with simpler models).

It also includes a magnetometer that measures the direction and intensity of the magnetic field.  A gyroscope detects unusual rotation.

These sensors retrieve data based on more than 190 different parameters, including impact intensity, fall velocity, and change in orientation. When the fall detector notices unusual activity, the data is sent via the cellular network to the Numera cloud for analysis.

A systematic classifier will determine if there is actually a fall. If so, a call is made to your team. Between 30 and 45 seconds elapse between your fall and the communication with a specialized agent.  That’s how fast the response to a fall is!

Updates for caregivers: the EverThere platform for your Numera Libris

Your caregivers need access to your medical data for your proper care. You can choose the people to give access to your information and such data can be customized to suit your preferences.

View and manage your own alert volume, battery level, signal strength, etc.

Share your weight, blood pressure, and oxygenation level in real time without having to move or write them down.

Alert your loved ones and family to any health issues with a smart emergency bracelet

With the ability to communicate using a transmitter and receiver, the Numera Libris emergency bracelet will allow you to talk to and hear people.

Modify alerts according to the type of emergency.

This simple and effective web-based tool can alert you, your caregivers, and your family via SMS or email.

Numera Libris 2: Everything you need to know!

Panic button with fall detection technology for seniors.

The Numera Libris emergency bracelet has become one of the most successful panic button models in the industry. This resounding success has prompted parent company Nortek to create a 2.0 version of the same device, the Numera Libris 2!

While the devices are extremely similar in performance, the second version of the device builds on the features of the first to give you even better technology and even better security.

The Numera Libris is the most popular wristband for a reason: here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about this device and more!

Who is the Numera Libris 2 emergency bracelet for?

Seniors obviously benefit from the Numera Libris 2, but they are not the only ones! In fact, the Numera Libris 2 emergency bracelet is very versatile and can suit the needs of a variety of people.

For seniors, the Numera Libris 2 is a must-have!

The automatic fall detector, integrated GPS, and two-way communication system are among the must-have features of the Numera Libris 2 bracelet for seniors in Canada. 

Why do pregnant women need an emergency bracelet like the Numera Libris 2?

Because being pregnant can lead to episodes of discomfort, uneasiness, and various health problems. The Numera Libris bracelet allows you to alert emergency services if you feel unwell while you are alone! Wearing such a bracelet will keep you safe and assure your loved ones of your well-being.  

Lone workers must be equipped with a Numera Libris 2 for safety!

Lone workers are often overlooked when it comes to emergency bracelets, but they are also the target users of panic buttons. If you work in a high-risk job where you are usually on your own, the Numera Libris 2 was designed for you!

Because the GPS bracelet can be synced to the EverThere app, the user can be located within minutes. So many people have benefitted from this tool.  Take the time to explore your options!

The Numera Libris 2 bracelet – Unique features and functions!

The market for panic buttons and medical alert systems is very competitive. It is the features and technologies of the Numera Libris 2 that makes it stand out from the competition!

Understand the many benefits and features offered by the Numera Libris 2 bracelet in Canada!

Features of the Numera Libris 2

Performance Level


Full two-way communication within 1 meter of the bracelet.

Resistance to impact

Can withstand drops from up to a height of 6.5 feet 

Manual activation

2 manually activated buttons send the alert signal

Color and dimensions

2-tone gray color

3’’ x 1.9’’

Battery life

Up to 36 hours

Water resistance

Completely waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter (for 30 minutes)

Is the two-way communication function necessary?

The Numera Libris 2 is equipped with a speakerphone that allows for two-way communication with the monitoring station in case of an emergency. This lets you inform the operators of your condition and to receive instructions while waiting for help to arrive.

Is the Numera Libris 2 waterproof bracelet really necessary?

Without a doubt! An emergency bracelet is only effective if it is worn at all times. This includes time spent in the shower and bath. Since the Numera Libris 2 can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter for about half an hour, you have nothing to worry about. You can safely wear it at all times, even when you are taking a bath!

As you can see, all of the features of the Numera Libris 2 are essential for your safety and protection. 

From its GPS function to the fall detector, to the two-way communication option, the Numera Libris 2 is the best option for preserving your independence and ensuring your safety.

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GPS function: The ultimate protection from the Numera Libris 2!

GPS technology to track the location of the user in an emergency.

The Numera Libris is equipped with GPS that the user to be located quickly in an emergency!

Using LTE and 4G technology, the Numera Libris 2 offers increased accuracy over its original version. Within minutes, the location of the user can be tracked with great accuracy.

Is it possible to retrace the locations visited by the user with the EverThere app? 

The EverThere application synchronizes with the Numera Libris 2 bracelet and keeps track of the locations visited by the person. This feature allows family members, caregivers and other concerned individuals to access this information when needed.

Who benefits from GPS technology?

The GPS functionality is especially useful for seniors who are losing their autonomy. Indeed, people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, for example, are prone to episodes of confusion and wandering. When such an incident occurs, the anxiety level of family members is high, and with good reason.

The GPS feature allows the user to be located quickly before an even more serious problem occurs.

What are the improvements of the Numera Libris Version 2?

As mentioned earlier, the Numera Libris has re-emerged on the market with an improved version.  But what improvements have been made that make this device so indispensable to so many vulnerable people?

Here is a list of the improvements made to this second version of the Numera Libris!

  • Improved fall detection
  • LTE/4G network access
  • Improved audio/communication system
  • More accurate GPS technology

The Numera Libris 2 emergency bracelet is truly at the top of its game! It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their security and level of confidence.

Everything you need to know about the Everthere application

The Everthere application is an online platform compatible with the Numera Libris bracelet. It is like a control center that collects all the information transmitted by the bracelet which allows the user’s health status to be monitored.

The Everthere app synchronizes the information from the Numera Libris bracelet automatically!

The information is transmitted to the application in real time and MULTIPLE people can access the information on Everthere! Caregivers, family members, and friends who are authorized can access the information uploaded to the Everthere application.

It is also possible to program personalized notifications based on the person’s needs and the information appearing in EverThere.  Thus, the app is a made-to-measure application that is fully customizable.

The combination of Everthere and the Numera Libris allows for a close monitoring of the user’s health status. You get more than just a fall detector with this device: you get a panic button that helps protect your safety and your health. 

Both the EverThere app and the Numera Libris 2 bracelet are subject to change with future updates.

How to save money from the purchase of the Numera Libris

With Medical Alert Systems Canada, you can compare panic buttons (including Nortek’s Numera Libris), free of charge and with no obligation on your part.

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It only takes 1 step and 2 minutes

There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.