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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.

Learn how Fall Detection Systems Help Seniors in Ontario

Seniors living healthy lifestyles without fear of falling.

Falls remain a major cause of injuries, hospitalization, and even death, among elderly people in Ontario.  A fall can result in a decline in the physical and mental fitness of a senior. Statistics show that a leading cause of health issues among the elderly is fractures related to falls. 

While it is very important to try to prevent falls from occurring, it is also important to be prepared in case it happens.

With so many elderly people living alone or staying home alone, fall detection systems have become quite useful. 

The early detection of a fall will ensure that an emergency response team will arrive quickly to intervene and mitigate serious consequences such as trauma, bleeding, or fractures which can have adverse effects.

Are you worried about an elderly loved one? Find out how a fall detection device can keep your loved one safe and compare prices of the top devices using our short online form.

How does fall detection work?

Panic button with fall detection technology.

Fall detection technologies were built into panic buttons and medical alert systems to automatically detect a fall when a user collapses. When a fall occurs, built-in sensors analyze data such as height, speed, and change in altitude, among others, and send out an alert to a monitoring center or an emergency contact list.

Once the monitoring center receives an alert, an agent trained in handling emergencies will attempt to contact you through the communication system on your device. That’s right, no phone line is needed to get connected, making it much easier and faster to speak to someone during an emergency.

Note that fall detection devices are wearable – on the neck, waist, or wrist, and are easy to carry to make sure that a senior is always ready to call for immediate assistance in any type of emergency.

Whether at home or outside the home, fall detection devices such as medical alert bracelets work 24/7 for your safety and peace of mind.

Aging at home safely and without fear is now made possible through innovative and reliable medical alert systems with fall detection.

The Many Benefits of Fall Detection Devices

Automatic fall detection technology for seniors.

Medical alert systems with automatic fall detection were designed to secure HELP after a fall or slip. These devices target vulnerable seniors and people living with disabilities or medical conditions that put them at risk.

Even workers who are in isolated settings or using dangerous equipment also benefit from the device as it will summon help when they need it.

One of the most important benefits of a panic button with fall detection is that if you fall and become unconscious or cannot speak, a monitoring center will be informed of your status and send help fast. If you fail to press the panic button after a fall, the fall detector will automatically send out an alert. 

It can be concluded that these fall detection systems not only improve the safety and well-being of seniors but also gives peace of mind to family members. Seniors can have more confidence to live a healthy lifestyle without fear or have more assurance even while staying alone at home.

Immediate medical attention from an injury is ESSENTIAL as some injuries can prove fatal. With a fall detection device, you are sure to receive emergency services quickly, no matter where you are.

Our partner security companies offer advanced fall detection pendants and bracelets in all of Ontario! Contact us today to get the right panic button with fall detection for home use or wherever you go.

Reasons to use a panic button with fall detection

Emergency medical services from panic buttons.

Although seniors or older adults have a higher risk of falling, some health conditions necessitate the use of a panic button regardless of age.

According to the CDC, some factors increase the risk of falling, including:

  • Poor balance and gait problems;
  • Medications;
  • Vision problems;
  • Ankle or foot disorders;
  • A history of falls;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, etc.
  • Fear of falling.

The length of time that a senior adult has fallen and cannot get up on their own is critical. Research indicates that the “lie time” reaching 72 hours or more increases mortality by as much as 67%.  For seniors living alone, the danger of lying on the floor hurt or unconscious can reach many hours or days.

This is one of the biggest reasons to invest in an emergency necklace or panic button that offers 24/7 monitoring.

It must be noted that the person must be willing to wear the device at all times to maximize its benefits.

If you plan on giving a panic button to a parent or an elderly relative, it is advisable to discuss it with the intended user first.

How reliable are these fall detection devices?

Security companies will tell you that no system can guarantee fall detection accurately by 100%. There is no fool-proof system, like most systems are.  But these fall detection devices can detect about 85% of falls accurately.

Studies show that devices worn close to the center of gravity of the user, such as a pendant or necklace, provide the highest accuracy for fall detection.  

While false alerts cannot be totally avoided, they are quite easy to cancel. If an alert is triggered by accidentally pressing the button or if you didn’t have a fall, just tell the agent you don’t need help. With most devices, you can simply press the button again to cancel the alert.

Regardless of the possibility of false alerts, the benefits obtained from your fall detection device in the event of an actual fall can save your life. Thus, it is important for all seniors to have a panic button bracelet or pendant for protection.

It must also be noted that security companies do not charge extra for medical or emergency alerts. They are included in the monthly fees for your monitoring services.

How much does an automatic fall detector cost?

Medical alert systems come in two types for fall detection: manual and automatic.

With a manual system, the user must press the panic button after a fall to connect to a monitoring center or to begin an alert for an established contact list.

The big disadvantage of this type of system is that if the user falls and becomes unconscious and does not press the button, no alert is sent out. This means that help will be delayed until a family member or relative comes to check on the user.  If the senior was injured or in pain, the consequences of delayed medical attention can be quite serious.

Some medical alert systems offer automatic fall detection. If the user skids or falls, the device can automatically recognize the fall and notify the monitoring center, even if the user does not press the button.

This feature can be a lifesaver especially if the user is injured or incapacitated after a fall. Help will come within minutes once the fall alert is received by trained emergency agents.

Automatic fall detection systems are more expensive than manual ones but the price difference is not that significant. Hence, it pays to pay just a little more to be able to benefit from this very essential protection for seniors!

To give you an idea of how much they cost, please refer to our comparison table below.

Cost of Fall Detection Devices in 2024

Below you will find an updated list of the cost of fall detection devices in 2024. Please note that these prices were based on published rates as of end of Dec. 2022 and may change without prior notice.
Name of Company Description of Fall Detection Product Cost of the Device Monthly Fees
Philips Lifeline Offers on-the-go devices and mobile systems Can also be used to track the location of the user or monitor their health status Fall detection can also be included with their At-Home system Nationwide coverage No contract required $99.95 for the On- the- Go-systems $50 activation fee $19.95 self-installation fee Starts at $29.95 (basic) to $60 (premium plan) per month
SecurMedic The company guarantees no surprises and hidden charges. Their systems work throughout Canada where there is cellular coverage Systems transmit data using a landline or cellular network The panic button can be worn as a pendant, used as a keyholder, or as a watch Some systems can measure body temperature, has a step measure, and calorie counter They offer a lifetime limited warranty for products or components that are defective Devices can be worn even in the bath or shower Month-to-month contract From $200 (SmartSafe) to $300 (SmartSafe S) $30 to $45 a month based on your selected plan
Galaxy Medical Alert Systems Offers automatic fall detection with their Fall Detector and Cellular Systems. Has one-button activation and automatic fall detection Emergency Help button in a pendant Waterproof panic button 2 months free for annual plans Mobile watch: $99 (with GPS, text to locate the device for caregivers, vibration for hearing impaired Home System with Fall Detection: $95 for an additional pendant $44.95 + $10 for fall detection $39.95
Global Security Choice of pendant or belt clip Waterproof Fall Detector Package has a Numera4000 console The GSM package has GPS that works anywhere with a cellular signal With an integrated smoke detector Fall Detector Package: $379.99 + $99.00 activation fee + $79.00 for the button. GSM package (limited offer): $379.95 + $99.00 activation fee + $79.00 for the button. Basic package: $34.99 for a 36-month contract. Fall Detector Plan: $39.99. Mobile phone package: $39.99.
LifeCall Waterproof Range of 200 ft. None $39.95 +$15 for fall detection (3-months contract)
Secure-Vie Canada Bracelet or pendant Has a range of 600 to 1,000 ft. (basic plan) Offers geolocation everywhere Waterproof button Basic offer: $165.95. +$99.95 for fall detector pendant. Geolocation: $299. +$65.95 for a second button Basic offer: $19.95. Basic promotion: $39.95 to have devices included + $25 off. Geolocation: $29.95.

As you can see, prices for the medical alert system equipment and monthly fees vary from one company to another.

You are free to choose the best type of system that suits your needs and your budget. You will need to consider whether you need other services such as geolocation and medication dispenses or if you need an at-home system or a mobile/cellular system for your more active lifestyle.

To compare prices and features of multiple fall detection products, please fill out the form on this page and receive FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes.

FAQS about fall detection systems for seniors in Ontario

Get answers to questions about medical alert systems.

Are you thinking of buying a fall detection system for you or for a loved one? We know you have questions on your mind and we would like to help you make the best decision.

Browse our FAQS so you can choose the right system for the best price.

Is fall detection technology accurate? 

There is no fool-proof technology and fall detection is no different. It does, however, have an accuracy rate of as much as 85% to 93%.  This is quite high and can be extremely useful to seniors with a history of falls or those who are living alone.

False alerts can be triggered by accident or other such as if you drop your device or it falls off a table. But on a positive note, it is easy to cancel false alerts by pressing your button twice or informing the agent that you don’t need help. No charges are billed to you for false alerts. 

Is there a long-term contract required?

Some companies require a contract for 24-36 months while some companies offer month-to-month contracts.

Does a fall detector also work automatically for other types of emergencies?

No, a fall detector can identify potential falls and send an automatic alert. For other types of emergencies when you need help, you must press your panic button.

What happens if I fall and can’t push the panic button?

If you are using a fall detector, your device will be triggered by any unusual movement such as a slip or a fall. Data is analyzed by the system including the height, speed of motion, etc. and send an alert to the monitoring center.

Is a landline necessary?

It depends on the system you choose. Most reliable companies use cellular networks for their medical alert systems, too.

Is a fall detection watch reliable?

While some companies offer fall detection that can be worn like a watch, studies show that the best fall detection technology works when worn close to the body, specifically your center of gravity. This is why the pendant-type device is the most popular for seniors for fall detection.

Do I need to change the batteries of my fall detection device?

Home-type systems have batteries that last a long time. Mobile systems, however, may need charging regularly for best results.

Who is fall detection for?

Medical alert systems with fall detection are essential for people with a history of falls. Other people who experience blackouts, seizures, fainting, or disorientation due to medications would also benefit from a fall detection system. Seniors who live alone should also have a fall detection device for protection.

What other emergencies can I use a medical alert with fall detector for?

No matter what emergency you have such as a medical, police, fire, or personal emergency, you can use your medical alert system to get help. If you encounter any difficulty and need to contact a relative but you don’t have your phone, you can press your panic button and get help from the emergency operator.

Of course, all types of major emergencies such as fire, break-ins, car accidents, or if you feel unwell, your medical alert system will save the day! Press your panic button, speak to an operator and explain what’s happening, and appropriate responders will be dispatched.

Can I buy a medical alert system with fall detection for my grandmother?

Of course, it is possible for anyone to buy a medical alert system for an elderly relative. However, you need their consent.

What is the best fall detection system in Ontario?

The truth is that most fall detection companies offer good quality devices in Ontario. To choose the best system that works for you, you must consider your needs – home system, mobile system, language spoken (English, French, or other), any special needs (medication dispenser, GPS tracking, etc., and how much you can afford to pay.

The best way to do this is to compare multiple offers using our short online form, free of charge!

Just fill out the form and our partner security companies will gladly send you competitive quotes so you can time and money.


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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.