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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.

GPS Security Bracelet: A solution for people with Alzheimer’s?

GPS security bracelet for senior safety.

Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult ordeal for both the person with the disease and their loved ones. The effects of the disease on cognitive faculties are difficult to live with for many people, but such a diagnosis does not have to mean the end of one’s independence. 

Assistive technologies have become sufficiently developed to allow Alzheimer’s patients to maintain a normal life for as long as possible. That’s exactly the case with GPS security bracelets designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease!

Find out how such devices could help your loved ones maintain the lifestyle they deserve for as long as possible with Alzheimer’s security bracelets.

What is a GPS security bracelet for people with Alzheimer's?

A GPS bracelet is a technological device that is worn on the wrist and allows the wearer to be geo-located. Using an application and GPS technology that communicates with the bracelet, the person’s precise location can be identified remotely within seconds.

Why are these GPS bracelets useful for people with Alzheimer’s disease?

Because wandering is part of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease which makes people with the disease more likely to get lost.  Disorientation, confusion, and memory problems all increase the chances of getting lost which can cause stressful and dangerous episodes for everyone involved.

With a GPS bracelet, however, these episodes are shorter and less frequent since the bracelet makes it possible to quickly locate a missing person. GPS bracelets and fall detectors can be combined into a single device for complete protection. These technologies provide protection for everyone, including loved ones and the person with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The advantages of a GPS security bracelet!

Purchasing a GPS security bracelet comes with a host of benefits for both the person wearing the bracelet and the caregiver. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s comes with many unpredictable challenges that a GPS bracelet helps you control.

These GPS bracelets provide you with several benefits, including

  • Increased sense of security
  • Decreased stress/anxiety
  • Quick location in case of wandering
  • Respect of privacy
  • Greater freedom

These bracelets allow the person with Alzheimer’s disease to preserve a maximum of independence for as long as possible. It is a GPS technology for the benefit of all the relatives involved!

GPS security bracelet respects privacy

Having Alzheimer’s disease does not eliminate the right to dignity and privacy. However, this is a concern raised by many people who are reluctant to purchase such devices for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. How can these concerns be addressed?

How do GPS bracelets respect the right to privacy? 

While it is possible to know the location of the person wearing the bracelet at all times, it is also possible to restrict access to this information to the strict minimum. A “life zone” can be set wherein the person will not be tracked to respect his or her privacy.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the safety of the person with Alzheimer’s disease is the number one consideration that should take precedence over everything else.

How much does a GPS bracelet for Alzheimer's patients cost?

Geolocation technologies for seniors with Alzheimer’s are obviously expensive, but are they as expensive as you might think?

Far from it! With the rise in popularity of GPS bracelets and fall detection bracelets, prices have become competitive on the market, allowing you to benefit from more options to get a fair price.

Check the cost of different models of GPS bracelets for people with Alzheimer’s in Canada in 2024!

GPS Bracelet ModelPrice & Monthly FeeType of device
GPS TRiLOC$350 + $50/ monthBracelet
ST200 Prime$250 + $50/ monthMobile phone unit
SmartSoles$350 + $50/ monthShoe insoles
SafeLink$200 to $260 + $30/ monthMobile phone unit
PAL Wandering Prevention System$400/year + $45/ month
$500/ year all-included

Are GPS chips hidden in these devices?

Yes, they are! The various devices mentioned in the table are designed to hide the GPS chips and offer a discreet but effective geolocation technology. GPS technology is, therefore, hidden in an everyday accessory.

Has the effectiveness of GPS safety bracelets been proven? For people with Alzheimer’s, studies have shown that GPS bracelets reduce the time it takes to find a wandering person. Because the user’s location can be pinpointed within seconds, authorities can be quickly dispatched to the scene, if needed. The safety of the person is, therefore, significantly improved.

How accurate are GPS bracelets?

GPS bracelet manufacturers claim that GPS technologies are accurate enough to locate a person to within 10 meters. This allows a loved one with Alzheimer’s to maintain a high degree of freedom, knowing that if they are at risk or wander, they will be quickly located.

Alzheimer’s does not have to be the end of independence.

With the effectiveness and accuracy of GPS bracelets for Alzheimer’s, independence and freedom can be preserved, and even increased, by years.

Just explore the wristband options and trust this time-tested technology!

Medical Alert Systems Canada finds the right GSP security bracelet for YOU!

Maintaining one’s independence and privacy are important values to preserve for people with Alzheimer’s disease. GPS bracelets are the tools of choice to help preserve these same values for many years to come.

GPS technologies are more accurate and effective than ever! Ensure the safety of a loved one by getting a GPS bracelet for Alzheimer’s as soon as possible!

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It only takes 1 step and 2 minutes

There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.