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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.

Top 10 Medical Alert Bracelets in New Brunswick

Did you know that around 78,076 fall-related hospitalizations among seniors aged 65 and above were reported in 2022 in Canada (Quebec not included)? This figure represents about 88% of hospital admissions due to injuries for this demographic.

Prevention is essential to keeping seniors safe. For this reason, many medical and health experts recommend using a medical alert bracelet for seniors.

Basic medical ID bracelet for emergencies

Why a medical alert bracelet? Many seniors prefer to live independently and wearing a medical alert bracelet makes them feel safer.  They can easily call for help in an emergency or accident using an emergency panic button.  An emergency operator instantly responds to a distress call, evaluates the emergency, and provides the appropriate emergency response.

A medical alert bracelet can also have a fall detection feature which is designed to trigger an alert if a user experiences an accident or a fall.

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Why do seniors need a Medical Alert Bracelet?

Stainless steel medical jewelry with basic patient information

Nobody wants an accident to happen but unfortunately, they do at the least expected moment.  1 in 3 people aged 65 and above will experience a fall in 2024. When medical help arrives, they need to know the patient’s medical history before giving treatment.  What happens if the patient is unconscious or unable to communicate due to an injury?

Many seniors and their caregivers turn to medical alert bracelets, wearable devices that have important medical information about the user. This includes medications, allergies, and other medical conditions that could be critical to medical response teams.  

You will find different medical alert bracelets and other senior safety devices but know that they are not all the same.  How can you choose the best medical alert bracelet that is right for your needs?

What are medical alert bracelets?

The purpose of medical alert bracelets is simple – give essential health information quickly to medical professionals so they can provide the right treatment during an emergency.  As the information also includes the person’s name and emergency contact number, it also makes it easy for caregivers to be notified in an emergency.

These medical alert bracelets are also called medical IDs with inscriptions on health conditions such as diabetes or allergies. This alerts medical professionals of pre-existing medical conditions they need to consider before giving medication or emergency treatment.

Some of these medical alert bracelets may also be linked to a profile. The medical team must call the inscribed number to get the information. When first responders need to log into a website or contact a phone number in an emergency, precious minutes are lost.

Fashionable and Discreet Designs

Many of these medical alert bracelets are like jewelry –stainless steel, rose gold, or sterling silver. They are designed to be fashionable so that users don’t feel self-conscious about wearing them.

As you can imagine, these medical alert bracelets are not all the same. Thus, it is important to understand your options by comparing multiple offers before making a decision. 

When it comes to health and safety, every decision must be made carefully to get maximum benefits.

Medical Alert Bracelets Canada: Where to Buy

Some basic medical IDs can be bought in department stores and drugstores. These types of IDs contain only basic information and they cost from $55 to $80. 

Other medical alert bracelets in unique or custom designs can also be ordered online. Some of the more well-known brands include Universal Medical ID Canada and MedicAlert Foundation Canada. 

They are designed for all ages – seniors, older adults, and even children with medical conditions. 

Know that these medical alert bracelets are designed to do one thing- provide access to medical information in case of an emergency.  Some are designed to provide personal details and emergency contacts.

If you have an accident at home when you are alone, you must call for help to get emergency assistance.

Get More Protection and Security with Monitored Medical Alert Systems

An elderly person wearing a monitored panic button

Don’t just settle for a basic medical alert bracelet. You can get better protection with a monitored medical alert system with auto fall detection.

For seniors and at-risk individuals, easy and quick access to emergency services is critical. A basic medical ID bracelet is not enough to guarantee your safety.

Calling for help can be difficult for a senior who is injured due to a fall or accident. The patient may not have access to a smartphone or is incapacitated and unable to move.

For better protection and security, choose a monitored medical alert system.  This type of medical alert bracelet has enhanced protection because it comes with an emergency panic button. You can simply press the button to get connected immediately to an emergency operator.

What is a Monitored Medical Alert System and how does it work?

Medical alert pendant for seniors

A monitored medical alert system bracelet works more than just identifying a person or providing information about the patient’s medical conditions for health professionals.

In an emergency, a medical alert system bracelet will give the user FAST access to EMERGENCY SERVICES with just one press of a panic button.  He is instantly connected to an emergency operator who will already have his information on file so that the proper response can be coordinated.

With a built-in 2-way communication system on the device, the user and operator can speak so that more details can be obtained.  The operator will verify the emergency and send a medical response team as needed.  The operator can also get in touch with emergency contacts for non-medical emergencies. 

24/7 Protection with Access to Emergency Services

The most essential benefit of a medical alert system bracelet is 24/7 access to emergency services.  The user can call for help day or night, holidays included.  This reassurance is important so that seniors and at-risk individuals can go about their routines without worrying about how to get help in an emergency.

Medical alert systems are available as wearable bracelets, pendants, or clips that are water-resistant or waterproof.  They can be worn at all times, even when in the bath or shower, where accidents are common among the elderly.

It is also important to note that medical alert systems offer wider protection with additional features such as GPS Tracking, Automatic Fall Detection, Activity Monitoring, and many more.

Top Medical Alert Bracelets to Compare Based on Features and Prices

Medical alert pendant worn by an elderly woman

Now you can compare top medical alert bracelets or pendants in New Brunswick. Check out our list of top medical alert systems to better understand your options.

Philips Lifeline

Developed in 1974, it gained popularity for helping seniors and older adults retain their independence while aging at home.  It was later purchased by Philips Healthcare.

Today, it remains in demand as a medical alert system with 2 Canadian response centres.

It has a fall detection feature for older adults with a history of falling.  The GoSafe plan allows seniors to go anywhere confidently knowing that access to emergency assistance is available at any time.

It keeps medical information of the user on file to be provided to medical emergency responders in an emergency.

A landline is not required to avail of their servicesMultilingual operators respond to emergency calls.  Their system uses 6 locating technologies to track the location of the user in an emergency situation.

Cost: Month-to-month payment with no long-term contract.  Plans start at $29.95 with an installation fee of $99 and an activation fee of $79. Higher-end packages cost from $43.95 to $49.95 plus activation and installation fees.

Life Assure

This medical alert system company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and offers personal emergency response systems for seniors.  It offers 2 plans – Classic Home (with any type of landline) and Premium Mobile Plus with automatic fall detection.

You can also choose the mobile pendant.  The Premium Mobile Plus package also offers GPS tracking but they only use 1 locating technology.

Cost: Plans start at $34.95. The fall detection add-on costs $14.99 monthly.

Telus Livingwell Companion

This medical alert system from Telus Corporation was created through the acquisition of Alarm Force and Direct Alert.

The company offers Companion Home for use in the home and Companion Go for mobile services.  Fall detection is an optional add-on.  A third-party monitoring company receives emergency alerts.  Telus will contact up to 3 family members or when the situation calls for it, the operator will contact emergency services (police or medical).

Emergency operators are multilingual (French, English, Cantonese, and Punjabi).  There is no equipment fee because the cost is included in the monthly fees.

Cost: The Livingwell Companion Home with Fall Detection costs $40 monthly (for 1 year subscription) while the Companion Go with Fall Detection costs $60 monthly (1 year subscription).  You can get their month-to-month plans with no contract for a slightly higher price.

Red Dot Personal Solutions

Created by Bruyere (an Ottawa research company) in 2018 in partnership with ECi Communications, this medical alert system was designed for the elderly.

The company offers 3 plans- At Home, At Home+, and On the Go. 

A bilingual monitoring center responds to emergency calls.  They also offer SmartSole, water-resistant and customizable shoe insoles with GPS tracking. 

Their devices also have fall detection using modern accelerometers that can detect a fall.

Cost: No installation or activation fee.  The On-the-Go systems costs $99 + HST (one-time) and $59.95 + HST monthly.  The At Home and At-Home Plus costs $39.99 + HST monthly. SmartSole costs $399 + HST (one time) and a monthly fee of $49.99 + HST.

Global Security

Global Security is a leading security company with a wide range of security services. For their healthcare products, the company offers the Lynx 3000 for a basic plan and the Numera Libris, a high-tech medical alert button with fall detection option.

They also provide a health management platform for caregivers and family members authorized by the user.

This company uses the most advanced fall detection system with a 93% accuracy rate.

Cost: $39.99+ equipment $379.99 + $99 activation + $79 for the emergency button.

Galaxy Medical Alert Systems

This Canadian company offers medical alert systems for seniors.  Their water-resistant devices have 2-way communication systems and a panic button.  24/7 monitoring is provided by CSAA 5-Diamond Response Centres, indicating excellence in their services.

Their plans include a Home system, Home & Yard, Home with fall detection, and Cellular System with fall detection.

Cost: The plan starts at $29.95 monthly (basic).  The Home Cellular System (fall detection) costs $49.95 monthly.


This Canadian company based in Vancouver has 6 monitoring centers with certification from Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

The medical alert system comes with a panic button that provides easy and quick access to emergency services.

Their waterproof systems have a range of 1000 feet and are easy to install.  They don’t have automatic fall detection options which means the user must press the emergency button to ask for help.

Cost:  The basic plan starts at $24.88 a month.  The equipment fee (one-time) is $188.88. 

Medical Guardian

The company offers no contract, no installation fee, and free activation for their medical alert systems.

You can choose the In-Home system or On-the-Go system based on your needs.   The signal range is up to 1,300 feet for the home-based unit.  Their devices also have fall detection technology that sends an alert to the emergency response team when a fall occurs.

The company has TMA Five Diamond Certification which means their emergency operators are fully trained and qualified.

Cost: Medical Guardian medical alert systems are modestly priced from $29.95 to $49.95 monthly.

Bedford Medical Alert System

This company is family-owned and operated and is based in Toronto.  It offers 4 packages – Home Freedom Pendant, Home Freedom Minis in bracelet or pendants, Home Freedom Fall Detection, and Go Anywhere (with GPS).

Emergency alerts are answered by Bedford Call Centres operating 24/7.  Please note that the same operators also respond to calls for the company’s security alarm customers.

Cost:  Plans start at $39.99 monthly on a month-to-month basis. 

Life Alert

The medical alert system from Life Alert gives you peace of mind with their 24/7 emergency services.

The company offers a micro voice pendant system, a help button, and an On-the-Go + GPS. Their systems are fully waterproof and can be worn as a pendant or band.

Their devices have a range of 1000 feet.

Cost: The cost of their plan is $49.95/month with a minimum subscription of 3 years.

Don’t settle for just any type of senior safety device.  Get the best protection by choosing the right medical alert system in New Brunswick.

Feel secure with 24/7 access to emergency operators with just a press of your emergency button!

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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.