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There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.

Emergency fall detector bracelet and panic button for seniors – Top 10 companies in Canada

Comparison of top panic buttons in Canada.


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Nearly 300,000 people over the age of 65 fall every year in Canada! Falls account for the hospitalization of many seniors and keep them in bed for long periods. 

Among these patients, the most likely to be injured are women in their 80s who live alone (with incomes under $15,000). Between 1997 and 2002, more than 7,000 seniors lost their lives due to falls. About 180,000 falls resulting to injury are reported in Canada each year. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, elderly falls continue to be a serious health issue.

Fortunately, there are safety products to prevent worsening of injuries or to quickly alert the emergency services: panic buttons!

Most elderly people want to remain independent for as long as possible. Thanks to the emergency buttons that are installed in homes or that can be worn as a safety bracelet or pendant, seniors can continue to live alone and be active without fear of falling. The many dangers of living alone should not be ignored either. The adaptation of a home to the capacities of its owner remains a priority. The living environment, including common perils (such as a staircase without a handrail, a shifting rug, or a bathtub without a safety bar), will also need to be reviewed to decrease the chances of a fall. Accident prevention should be on everyone’s mind!

To ensure the safety of a senior, or to adequately protect an area prone to criminals, turn to the panic button. Increasingly common in businesses, seniors’ homes, hospitals, and factories, it is an effective way to contact the authorities or loved ones who will react to the situation.

Whether you are suffering from temporary discomfort or disorientation, or you observe an unpleasant incident (such as an intruder in your home), a panic button offers a simple way to alert a list of predetermined contacts. With just one touch, you can be connected to a monitoring center and speak to a specialized emergency agent.

  • A highly-trained emergency specialist will react to your distress call by: 
  • Dispatching an ambulance;
  • Notifying law enforcement in case of an intrusion;
  • Notifying the fire department in case of a fire;
  • Notifying your building’s security (or nursing) department of your distress.

This technology has been protecting patients and nurses in hospitals for many years. Many businesses defend their interests from burglars with emergency buttons. You can also find them in psychiatric institutions to alert specialists of a sudden event.

Take advantage of the experience of a network of home and commercial security experts to save money on your medical alert button.

Simply fill out the form on this page to get in touch with these specialists (selected because they have a clean record). They will determine, according to your selection criteria, the 3 most advantageous quotes for you.


Thousands of people have emergency buttons installed in their homes or decide to wear devices that guarantee their safety when they travel to risky places. But who needs this kind of personal alarm system?

  • Anyone who is vulnerable or has some form of mental disability.
  • Workers in hazardous occupations.
  • Employees who, left on their own, may require immediate assistance (such as plowmen, truck drivers, security guards, etc.).
  • Citizens of a community where suspicious individuals (street gangs, burglars, bikers, etc.) are present.
  • Athletes who travel away from urban centers to train.
  • Seniors or those at risk of losing their independence.
  • Residents of a high-risk region (such as riverside residents subject to overflowing rivers, residents of northern cities that sometimes receive significant snowfall, etc.).
  • People who enjoy night walks and appreciate the security offered by such a device.

Now we know the reasons why people take advantage of panic buttons. Let’s talk about how this device can save your life!

Panic Button & Medical Bracelet in Canada: Save with the best companies

The job of a panic button is to connect the user with a central monitoring station that employs agents specially trained for all emergency situations. 

No matter what the panic button looks like (simple button, bracelet, pendant, key chain, etc.), it will give you confidence since it acts as a distress signal the moment you press it. Note that some panic button models include fall detectors, which adds a comforting aspect for many seniors who suffer from vertigo. The fall detector will automatically sense a sudden, unusual movement to alert others of your condition. Oftentimes, these devices come in the form of an emergency bracelet.

Answers regarding monitoring stations and panic buttons

Understand how panic buttons work.


Hours of operation

24 hours, 7 days a week

Time of response

Between 20 and 30 seconds on average.

The alarm is activated

The LED on your device is blinking.

Do you pay for each alert?

No. This service is included in your monthly plan.

Central Monitoring services keep you safe. Are you worried about false alarms if you accidentally press your panic button?

How are False Alarms prevented: Understanding the panic button

Several ways have been developed to prevent false alarms (i.e. by inadvertently activating your panic button). 

  • The button itself is recessed, making it more difficult to activate accidentally.
  • Some models have two buttons that must be pressed simultaneously.
  • In many cases, pressing them for at least two seconds will trigger the alert, which reduces the chance of a misstep.
  • If the monitoring agent calls you, just inform him that you don’t have an emergency.

You can prevent false alarms with your panic button with these tips. How to use it effectively?

How to operate your panic button

This device is designed to be convenient and hassle-free to maintain high efficiency. To demonstrate each step of its operation, let’s see the complete process of activating your panic button:

Distress situation

  • A fall
  • A threatening event occurs
  • You feel unwell
  • etc.

You press the panic button

  • Your fall detector is triggered

Wait for approximately 20 (twenty) seconds

  • This allows you to deactivate the alert if it is a false alert or you don’t need help.

Communication is established

  • If you are able to speak, you will be able to communicate with an agent trained in emergency situations.
  • Unable to speak: don’t worry, help is on the way!

The Response

  • The appropriate responders will come to your rescue.
  • If a contact list has been established, they will be notified of your situation.

Identify the types of panic buttons: Wired or wireless, waterproof or water-resistant

Waterproof or water-resistant panic buttons.

Invariably, as in every field, there are categories. Panic buttons are no exception, and they are divided into wired and wireless devices.

In general, wired devices will plug into your electrical outlet and attach to a surface such as a wall within reach or under a counter (for those who prefer it out of sight.) This emergency button will be fixed in a hard box.

In contrast, a wireless panic button will look like an accessory or piece of jewelry for easy carrying. It can be worn on your wrist as a security bracelet or added to your key ring so that it is always nearby. You can also wear it as a necklace (in the form of a pendant) or wear it on your belt with a general-purpose clip.


Panic buttons are also divided into completely waterproof and water-resistant models (the former being preferable if you are thinking of taking a bath or believe you need to immerse the button in water).

Benefits of a fall detector and how does it work?

If you fall in an isolated place, alone, and without the possibility to activate your panic button, what happens? This is the primary function of the fall detector, which has an emergency button on some models. Should you fall, assistance will still be provided since a sophisticated motion detection system will activate the alert despite your state (unconscious or simply dazed). This function, integrated in many panic buttons, will extend your independence or reassure those around you when you are left to your own devices.

Reassure your loved ones and live with a clear conscience by choosing an emergency button model that includes this obvious benefit. In general, the device protects you no matter where you are. Its speaker system will put you in contact (day, evening, and night) with an agent from a monitoring center.

The panic buttons, equipped with two-way audio linked to your smartphone, will add further protection. This is optional. An ultra-sensitive sensor will better identify your condition and the circumstances of your distress situation.

The average range of the emergency button with a fall detector is 600 feet (almost 182 meters). Think of it as twice the length of a (Canadian) soccer field: that’s about the operating distance of this device. Don’t worry about the waves being stopped by water as they will travel through up to 3 feet of water.

fall detector for the panic button


Inexpensive and durable.

What type?

Bracelet, pendant or watch.


Lightweight and easy to wear.

Battery Life?

Its battery usually lasts 2 years.


Most models are waterproof.


About 600 feet from the console.

Do you now have an idea of what type of panic button you want? Let’s compare companies to find the best one.

Choose your medical alert system or panic button from top products on the market

The medical alert bracelet, panic button, safety pendant, and fall detector watch are products that can be ordered by phone or online in Canada. To make it easier for you to find the best option including price, analyzed the market in depth at the beginning of the year. Prices are sure to change but this comparison highlights the differences that exist among the many players on the market.

To be able to take advantage of the lowest rate according to your needs, fill out the form on this page.  You will receive up to 3 quotes from companies specializing in senior safety in your area. 

This platform is free and serves as a price comparison tool for everyone! Save on your panic button today.

Let’s quickly get to know each of the players before comparing their options and prices. The brief introductions will inform you of the mission of these companies. 

Since the panic buttons and the packages offered by these companies vary in function and price, it is better to check the company’s background and ensure that you are paying the right price.

SécurMÉDIC™ panic buttons

Panic button logo.

Brief overview of the company

Founded in 2009, SécurMédic offers a personal medical response system and has 6 remote monitoring centers in Canada. They have more than 200,000 customers for their 24/7 emergency response service. Their monitoring stations meet or exceed Canadian standards.

With a medical alert system providing instant communication through the two-way voice device, you’ll get peace of mind.  Does your independence matter to you? With the help of their panic button, you will be able to stay at home longer and postpone staying in a nursing home. SécurMédic reminds us that approximately 1/3 of the population aged 65 and over experience at least one fall per year. With the help of a panic button or a medical alert bracelet, you can avoid complications from a fall.

If you are a victim of a home invasion, quickly press your panic button. A SécurMédic representative will contact the police to assist you quickly.

Do you suffer from chronic conditions? Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and epilepsy cause severe falls or complications. Ensure you get a quick response in a medical emergency with a personal emergency response system or panic button.

Lifecall Panic Buttons

Panic button logo.

Borrowing technology from ADT, Lifecall offers 24/7 monitoring across the country while providing high-quality products and water-resistant panic buttons. If you have a family member who wants to maintain their independence but is at risk, give them the protection of a Lifecall panic button.

What does Lifecall offer?

  • A device that is water resistant.
  • An LED light that indicates when a fall is detected.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring.
  • Quick access to a monitoring center through a two-way communication system.
  • A device that can be worn around your neck as a pendant.
  • Extended autonomy for people who want to enjoy their freedom of movement.
  • A way for people with reduced mobility (or suffering from a physical handicap) to call for help in a discreet way.
  • A free assessment of your needs if you contact them through a form or by phone.

Direct Alert Panic Buttons

Panic button logo.

A brief overview of the company

Their product line targets seniors to help them maintain their independence. In business for 13 years, this company offers a free trial of their panic buttons for one month. Direct Alert provides reliable medical alert systems to Canadians to enable seniors to live safely and independently.

What does Direct Alert offer?

  • A local service that operates within Canada.
  • 100% dedicated attention from the company to ensure your independence and protection.
  • Full transparency regarding their pricing.
  • Reliable service without requiring a contract.
  • Personalized customer service delivered in a professional manner.
  • Local response by properly trained agents.

Three simple steps describing Direct Alert’s approach to panic buttons:

  • Press your panic button (or a fall automatically triggers the fall detector).
  • Since the agent has access to your personal profile, he or she will be able to assess the situation and provide immediate assistance.
  • Depending on the nature of your situation, the agent will contact your family, neighbors, or emergency services while remaining on the line with you to assist you.

Philips Lifeline Panic Buttons

Panic button logo.

A brief overview of the company

Dr. Andrew S. Dibner founded Lifeline Systems in 1974 to help the elderly. The company sold its products through healthcare facilities. Since then, innovation and technology have allowed the company to bring its expertise directly to the public. Philips Lifeline has over 7 million subscribers in North America. The company’s personal safety systems fall into three broad categories:

HomeSafe Standard System:

This standard panic button is waterproof and provides two-way voice communication with a Lifeline remote supervisor (Canada-based and rigorously trained). This option provides extended coverage with a landline or cellular system. 

HomeSafe with fall detection called AutoAlerte:

This plan offers enhanced protection with automatic fall detection. Over 95% of falls are detected with this feature. This product also contains all the benefits of the standard system but with an extra charge for the fall detection feature.

GoSafe System

Go anywhere wearing your panic button and enjoy continuous protection. The system has automatic fall detection and 5 tracking technologies that allow responders to assist you as quickly as possible.

Global Security Panic Buttons

Panic button logo.

Brief Company Overview

A leader in home security in Quebec and elsewhere in the country, Global Security presents panic buttons that connect to people of your choice. It can also be connected to your alarm system and to a central monitoring station to increase its efficiency. Decide to send a notification to a loved one if nothing is detected in your home during a quiet day.

Depending on your selection criteria, the price of your panic button will vary to better fit your budget. Ask Global Security about prices to find out the extent of their home security products.

Global Security also offers the following advantages: 

  • A company recommended by the BSQ (Bureau de la Sécurité Privée).
  • An excellent reputation in the industry
  • Surveillance centers that meet the rigorous standards of the industry (ULC).
  • Licensed by the RBQ (Régie de la Bâtiment du Québec).
  • A member of CANASA (Canadian Security Association).
  • Long-term warranty on parts and handling.

Care Alert Canada Panic Buttons

Panic button logo.

Overview of the company

This 30-year old company has always performed well in the home security industry. The Smart Dialer was designed by an Australian businessman with 25 years of experience in the security industry. Mr. Steele won the prestigious Australia Day Award. In 2003 when he released the first Smart Dialer which became hugely popular. Today, you can purchase this panic button directly from Care Alert Products on the internet. 

History of Care Alert Products

The co-founder of Care Alert Products, Ms. Christine Beard, was looking for a suitable security product to assist her aging mother. Her mother wanted to remain independent.  Ms. Beard realized that for her mother to have peace of mind and feel comfortable in her home, she needed an easy and reliable way to communicate with family and friends in case of an emergency.

Her research uncovered a consistent market as the majority of available emergency systems came with expensive monthly monitoring fees. Likewise, she knew her mother would be reluctant to speak with a stranger who would contact her family or friends to help her anyway.

Unsatisfied with existing products in North America, she looked for alternatives and discovered the Smart Dialer, a proven solution widely used and recommended in Australia.

My Guardian Angel Panic buttons

Panic button logo.

Brief overview of the company

The mission of My Guardin Angel Panic Button – to offer you peace of mind!

This Quebec company has been specializing in residential security since 2007. It has invested a lot of resources and time in perfecting its products. Its devices and services recommended by health professionals are divided into distinct categories: the Maestro, the Star, the Valet, etc. To understand the particularities that define these security products offered by My Guardian Angel, here is a summary of their products.

What is the Maestro?

The basic kit includes a panic button/bracelet (wireless) connected to an intercom that connects  directly with the agents of the company’s contact center.

Strap options:

  • Bracelet-Star: This product has a special feature: its design facilitates its handling by people with reduced dexterity.
  • Bracelet-Regular: This bracelet is water-repellant and can be completely immersed in water.

GMS Panic Buttons Security System

Panic button logo.

Brief overview of the company

The mission of this family-owned business is to offer quality products and services. GMS Sécurité was founded in 1981. Their security advisors are trained by the manufacturer to allow them to instruct customers on all the functionalities of their security systems.

A winning team is the core of GMS Security. An administration formed by employees who respond appropriately to customers serves as an example. Conscientious technicians will install your security system.

Reasons to turn to GMS Security for your panic button:

  • Experience in residential security since 1981.
  • A team of meticulous and professional technicians.
  • The advisers are attentive and will answer all your questions.
  • Since advisors are trained (by the manufacturer), they have in-depth knowledge of the products and all the features offered by their security company.
  • Great flexibility. You don’t need to sign a 60-month contract if you don’t want to. They offer customers the option of 36 and 60 months.

One Call Alert panic buttons

Panic button logo.

Brief overview of the company

This company does not reveal much about its history and places emphasis on the quality of its services. They employ professional and friendly operators to respond to your call rather than reach a pre-recorded message. 

One Call Alert does not charge for help calls. They offer three types of emergency buttons and you must contact them by phone to place your order. 

Below are the three offers of One Call Alert:

The fixed residential line: This panic button requires a wired line. If you already have a home phone line, connection will be easy. You won’t need any equipment and won’t pay any activation fees. The device has a range of 350 meters. Expect to receive a fixed rate for life. A long-term contract is not required.

The Wireless Residential Line: This system plugs into the national AT&T network. The other benefits are the same.


You are protected everywhere the national AT&T network exists. With two-way communication, contact the help you want directly. The other advantages are identical to the previous offers.

SÉCURE-VIE Canada Panic Button

Panic button logo.

A brief overview of the company

Secure-Vie Canada’s goal is to provide everyone access to medical and emergency services at all times. Their monitoring center located in Quebec is always ready to receive your distress call. Qualified agents will relay your signal to the appropriate emergency services: firefighters, your loved ones, ambulance services, or law enforcement.

Secure-Vie Canada’s wireless emergency buttons provide immediate comfort through two-way (hands-free) communication while waiting for help. A range of 600 to 1,000 feet from the device allows for extensive coverage around the main console.

Secure-Vie Canada’s panic buttons are suitable for:

  • People with limited mobility.
  • People who are at risk for falls. 
  • People with physical disabilities.
  • People who are isolated or live alone.
  • People with memory problems (especially when medication is required).
  • Patients recovering from surgery or illness.
  • Seniors who have difficulty getting around.

Let’s compare the offers and the different features of panic buttons available in Canada.

Comparison of panic buttons in Canada

CompanyWith 24/7
monitoring services 
Description of panic buttonFall detectionMonthly FeesCost of EquipmentHow to purchase


Panic button logo.

YesBracelet or

range of 1000 ft.

NOno contract
$19.95 a month
$198.95From their website
Free delivery throughout Canada

Life Call

Panic button logo.




Range of 200 ft.

(with $15 additional cost)

$39.95 contract-free for 3 months.

+ $5 for a second button


By telephone.

Free delivery within Canada.

Short wait and adequate service in French.

Direct Alert

Panic button logo.Yes

Bracelet and pendant are included.

Waterproof button.

Classic: 1000 feet.

Speak through: 600 feet.

Cellular: 600 feet.

Included in Speak Through and
Cellular Medical plans

Classic: $19.95 + equipment fee or $39.95 per month.

Speak through: $29.95 + equipment fee or $49.95 per month.

Cellular medical: $39.95 + equipment fee or $59.95 per month.


+ $79.95 for a second button

Direct call or chat.

Free delivery by Fedex in 24 hours.

Bilingual communication.

Philips Lifeline

Panic button logo.


Warranty for equipment since it is rented.

Homesafe: basic.

Homesafe + Autoalert: fall detector.

GoSafe: go everywhere + fall detector.

The GoSafe system is waterproof.

Included in Homesafe + Autoalert


Homesafe: $42.95 + $89.95 to install.

Homesafe + Autoalert: $57.95 + $89.95 installation.

GoSafe: $79.95 + $89.95 install.

Fee for a second button:

Homesafe: +$10.

Homesafe + Autoalert : +$15.

GoSafe: +$30.


By telephone.

Very courteous, French not too good.

Care Alert

Panic button logo.



30-day money back.

One year guaranteed.

When you buy the device, pay $29 to have 2 more years.

Bracelet and pendant are included.


Range of 150 feet



(+ $45 if you want a technician to program the device.)

+ $49 for an extra bracelet and pendant.

Purchase through their website.

Free delivery within Canada.

Just English speaking and no after-sales service.

GMS Security

Panic button logo.

NoRange of 50 feet.NoNone

$300 + delivery + $85 installation (+ $45 if programming needed)

+ $97.50 for a second button

By telephone.

Delivery is charged to you.

The representative contacted did not know the product at all and advised to go and see the competition. Good French.

One Call Alert

Panic button logo.

Yes, English-speaking reps.

Bracelet and pendant.

Water Resistance:

Wired line: waterproof

Wireless line: waterproof

Mobile line: water-resistant.


Wired line: 350 meters.

Wireless line: 350 meters.

Mobile line: National AT&T Network.


(plus $10 to price.)

Prices are in US dollars.

Wired line: $39.99*.

Wireless line: $44.99*.

Mobile line: $49.99*.

*on an annual plan.



By telephone.

Just English.

Secure-Vie Canada

Panic button logo.


Bracelet and pendant type.



Basic: Between 600 and 1,000 feet.

Geolocation: everywhere.


Yes. Buy $99.95 pendant.

Basic offer: $19.95.

Basic promotion: $39.95 to have devices included + $25 off.

Geolocation: $29.95.

Basic offer: $165.95.

+$99.95 for fall detector pendant.

Geolocation: $299.

+$65.95 for a second button

By phone. You leave your number and someone calls you back.

Very good service, but the process to get to the purchase is long.

Global Security

Panic button logo.


Basic package: Lynx3000 console.


Range 200 feet.

Integrated smoke detector.

Choice of clip or pendant or bracelet.

Fall Detector Package: Numera4000 Console.

Waterproof. Range 1 000 feet.

GSM package: Works anywhere in Canada and tracks the person on cell phone.

Yes, if you take the fall detection plan.


Basic package: $34.99 on a 36-month contract.

Fall Detector Plan: $39.99.

Mobile phone package: $39.99.

Fall Detector Package: $379.99 + $99.00 activation fee + $79.00 for the button.

GSM package (limited offer): $379.95 + $99.00 activation fee + $79.00 for the button.

If you want a second button, you have to buy the whole kit.

Purchase by phone only.

The representative is very knowledgeable and speaks very good French.

Where to turn for a panic button or medical alert system?

Connect with emergency responders with your panic button.

After checking out this in-depth comparison of companies offering panic buttons, do you know who to choose? There are also promotions that can save you hundreds of dollars but these have limited time frames. The important questions that should guide your choice are:

  • Do you want to have direct access to the central monitoring station?
  • Do you think you will keep the unit long enough to sign a service agreement?
  • Do you need a fall detector function?
  • How far does the unit need to be to cover you at all times?
  • How much money do you plan to spend?
  • Do you plan to immerse your device in water (if you swim in a pool, wash dishes, etc.)?
  • Does the language of correspondence with the company matter to you?

If you answer each of these questions clearly, you should already be clear on your protection objective. If the final option is still not clear to you, there is also an effective and innovative method that will reduce the work on your part: the price comparison on this page.

To allow security professionals to offer up to 3 quotes tailored to your needs, fill out the form on this page. You will receive free assistance in determining which product is most suitable to your situation.

Medical Alert Systems Canada will act as a:

  • Tool to shop more conveniently and in less time for your panic button anywhere you are in Canada; 
  • Price comparator between security companies in real time (since our partners are competitors working in the field of home protection).
  • As an assistant in your research since you are not obliged to accept the offers that will be proposed to you.

Save today on your panic button and protect yourself against fire, burglars, falls, and all other risky situations.


It only takes 1 step and 2 minutes

There are over 180 000 falls with injury among Canadian elders annually.

It is estimated that 20% of Canadians aged between 65 and 80 fall every year.